Old Furnace School

Franklin Twp, Beaver Co., PA



We are looking for more pictures. If you have photos, can identify anyone in these pictures, or names of any teachers and the years they served, please let us know - Ed Boots, Jr.

1910s  | 1920s1930s | 1940s | Unknown


1940 4.jpg

Mary Deemer - Teacher

Left to Right.

Mary Deemer in Rear.

Back Row: Betty Lou Bowers, Jean Lauten, Betty Lauten, Beverly Bowers & King Daufen.

Middle Row: June Watson, Marjorie Pflug, Jean Lauten & Verna Belle Bowers.

Front Row: John D. Watson, Bob Lauten & Leon Kroll.

Courtesy Marjorie (Pflug) Mulvey



Mary Deemer - Teacher

Courtesy Marjorie (Pflug) Mulvey